I picked up this Stoff & Stil toy lion kit on my trip to Copenhagen last month because the design really caught my eye, and I thought it would make a cute gift for Alex (my other half)’s niece:

Pre printed fabric with lion toy design

Pre printed lion toy to cut out and sew: doesn’t it have a kind face?

The kit consists of a length of fabric, with a printed lion design on it, with cutting lines around the outside. The fabric is quite heavy and has a visible texture to it. The design of the lion is loose and sketchy which is what appealed to me: its not too fancy and perfect so it already looks well loved.

Pre printed fabric with lion toy design

The printed pattern

After unfolding the pattern I was surprised to find there were absolutely no instructions included! I had expected to find something on the card insert that the fabric was wrapped around, but no, there was nothing. The pattern is clearly very simple, however I was hoping for some instructions about the best place to leave open to turn the toy from the wrong side to the right side.

Scissors cutting out printed toy

Cutting out the pattern pieces

Because the fabric was quite thick, I found it hard to see if my stitching was falling within the coloured part of the design (I didn’t want to see the white polka dot fabric once I had turned the lion inside out). I found I could check this by holding the sewing up to the light – the design showed through against the stitches, like in the photo below:

Sewing held up to window light to see stitches

Checking stitches using the light from a window

Partially stuffed toy lion

Finishing off

Stoff & Stil Lion toy

Completed lion!