Tilly and The Buttons Delphine skirt worn with a black top
Delphine skirt

This is my second attempt at the Tilly and The Buttons Delphine skirt pattern, from the book ‘Love at First Stitch’. The first attempt has gone missing during a Christmas tidy-up and is a UFO!

I have been craving having a retro style tweed skirt and I was sure the Delphine could match my vision. However the reality isn’t quite what I wanted. I think that’s down to my fabric choice, and how I have lengthened the skirt which has spoilt it.

Back before Christmas 2018 I saw some green tweed fabric in Fabricland Bristol which I fell in love with, and then didn’t buy. It needled at me throughout the Christmas break that it was perfect and I must get it so I went back determined to get some for my dream skirt. Of course, it was all gone. I was then stuck and got into fabric buying trouble as I didn’t want to come away without something, which lead me to buy this very dubious polyester fabric.

Poor fabric choices

The fabric is a woven polyester that frays like a beast, and will not take well to being pressed. Its slippery and scratchy and isn’t very nice to touch! I can’t understand what possessed me to choose it.

Horse print lining fabric and heavily fraying woven polyester
Even the horses on my lining fabric look horrified by the fraying!

Anyway, I was determined to make this into a retro, sixties vibe skirt so set about cutting it out and sewing it up. It soon became clear the fabric would have to be lined, and of course I then had no lining fabric to hand. I’ve used some unusual viscose-type fabric I’ve had in my stash for ages that I bought from eBay and it didn’t match its description so it was going unused. Its got a lot of drape to it, but its very slippery. This didn’t make sewing it up any easier. Saying that, I do like the horse pattern.


I free-styled adding the skirt lining, choosing to serge together the lining and outer pieces, before sewing them together. I thought I was being clever and making it easier to fit the zip (the latter might be true) but, I think this causes the side seams of the skirt to be too heavy and pull in on themselves. Oh well, sewing is just one long set of things to learn.

Invisible zip sewn into Delphine skirt
I never manage to make invisible zips go right to the top…

The fit

The waistband of the skirt is quite deep and straight. This makes it sit on the top of my hips and stick up with a gap at the top rather than sit next to my waist. This also happened on the other un-finished Delphine, so I wonder if it is my body shape, or if its the depth of the waistband? I did shorten the waistband depth on this version to try to tackle that but it is still there.

I do not like wearing very short skirts, so I lengthened the skirt by an inch or so. I think its too long on me now though. I am tempted to cut that inch off now because the length makes me look quite short, and the stitching along the hem is so visible.

Tilly and The Buttons Delphine skirt made from brown polyester woven fabric
The hem looks such a mess!

I have pressed and pressed the hem, but it will not sit nicely. I might try to do a blind hem if I take it up.

Inserting the zipper was a pain on this because the fabric kept shifting and gave me some nasty puckers. It has sort of pressed itself into place, but the top of the zipper along the waistband is not perfect at all.

Too long and too puckered!

Pattern matching was attempted but not successful! At least I remembered to sew on the belt loops before putting the waistband on (which is my standard mistake I’ve made with all other skirts!).

I might make the Delphine again, however I think I am going to continue my quest to make the perfect retro A-Line skirt with the New Look 6843 because it has a smaller waistband and darts for better shaping.