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Floral Kitty Repeat Pattern

Repeat pattern with lilac cats and bright flowers

Cats are such elegant creatures. I love their physical form and the way they can look like they’ve melted. Such effortless existence!

This pattern started out with a completely pastel colour palette, but my love of bright green has crept in and transformed it into a much brighter appearance. I cant get enough bright green.

Getting the flow of patterns right is challenging. The cats in this one are not working quite right – my eyes move across them in diagonal rows – so I need to work on this, its definitely my weakness when it comes to surface patterns. I will get better with practice!


Flower Bunny Illustration

Illustration of a pink bunny

This little bunny is sitting in a nest of spring flowers. He’s wearing a spotted bow tie, and is looking a little like a rabbit in the headlights. I wonder what he is thinking about?

This little chap is based on a crochet bunny I saw in a craft magazine at work. He is drawn in Adobe Illustrator using the blob paintbrush tool, and the flowers are made from manipulated circle shapes built up.

Kitty in the Flowers Illustration

Illustrated black cat in flowers

This weekend has been well and truly rained off by the dreadful weather. Its meant I’ve been snuggled up, furiously pinning vintage fabric and illustrations on Pinterest. There is only so long I want to go before I have a go at drawing something though, and this little kitty cat is the result.

I’ve been very lazy drawing this – its all been done using my laptop track pad and either the blob paint brush or the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. The colour palette comes from the Pantone Pastels + Neons set in Illustrator, with a few extra shades thrown in. I love how the colours are soft but still pop on the pastel pink background, and the black cat has so much contrast against the soft colours.


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