Month: March 2016

Retro Owl Pattern

Blue and Yellow Retro Owl Pattern

These owls are inspired by retro owl ceramics from the 1960’s and 1970’s. The pattern isn’t flowing quite right – I’m tempted to re-make it as stripes of owls.

Illustration of blue owls

1970’s Purple Flowers Pattern

1970's Style flower pattern

Here is another floral pattern inspired by the 1970’s textiles I’m so obsessed with. Just simple shapes drawn directly into Illustrator and softened with a round brush. It’s a bit of an odd colour pallet: sort of warm and cool at the same time. I may well tweak this to send it one way or the other, we’ll see.

1970's style flower illustration

1970’s Inspired Mushrooms & Flowers Pattern

Bright flowers and mushroom pattern

I’ve been increasingly fascinated by 1970’s surface pattern designs. They’re so bright and stylistically vibrant. This is a little pattern based on a series of sketches I’ve made ogling Pinterest for exotic retro patterns. Scroll down to see the sketches…

1970s stylised illustration of a mushroom and flowers


Pencil sketches of flowers and mushrooms

Cat and Flowers Cameo Pattern

A yellow pattern with red cats and flowers

This pattern came about after I sketched some cats the other evening. There was one cat in particular that really amused me: it looked like it was wearing false teeth but struggled to keep them in it’s mouth.

I traced a photo of this cat in Illustrator and then added flowers around it. Scroll down to see the original drawing. The flowers and foliage were heavily influenced by 1970’s surface pattern design. Instead of using black to outline the shapes I’ve played with darker shades of the main fill colours – its less harsh, but there is a knack to choosing the best colour and I’ve not worked out what that is yet!

Red and orange cat surrounded by flowers illustration


Pencil sketch of a sitting cat

Pink, Black, Mint & Lilac Flowers

Surface pattern with pink and lilac flowers

I’ve been very busy with my UX work these past few weeks and have not had the time to make any patterns. This makes me sad. Here is a fresh, simple floral pattern that started out with me just playing with pink and black… and it evolved into this.

Pink and black flower illustration


Party Dogs Pattern

Pattern with black dogs on a yellow background

This pattern is inspired by those dogs you see out for walkies who smile with pride at their owners, like walkies is just the best thing ever.

Black dog illustration

Here’s a close up view of one of these doggies. Look at that smile!

I drew the dog character directly in Illustrator, using the blob paintbrush and laptop trackpad. He’s lovely and imperfect because of this.

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