Month: August 2016

Pastel Owls Pattern

Hand drawn owl pattern

I drew these owls the other evening and thought how fun they’d look all lined up together! I scanned them and used Illustrator’s image trace (set at low res photograph) and coloured them in. I’m really enjoying turning hand drawn pictures into patterns at the moment. There is a moment of magic when the flat colour makes them pop that never gets boring.

Illustrated owls

Don’t they look sweet and surprised?!

The Smiths – Meat is Murder Illustration

Illustration of a helmet and daffodils

This is a concept illustration for an enamel pin badge, featuring the iconic ‘Meat is Murder’ army helmet from The Smiths album of the same name. Morrissey was photographed with daffodils many times during the 1980’s too, so I’ve used them to increase the ‘Smithsyness’ of the pin. Just four colours – it seems like this is the basic limit of colours on simple enamel pins. Its nice to try drawing something a bit different!

Kawaii Creatures Pattern

Pastel animal pattern

Little creatures inspired by 1980’s toys: Care Bears, Keypers and My Little Pony. A kitten, a bunny, an owl and a puppy! All in pastel shades on fluffy clouds.

Mockup cushion

Illustrated animal characters

Woodland Doodle Pattern

Simple woodland pattern

A simple woodland pattern made from some basic pen and ink doodles. I scanned the doodles using my little Doxie scanner, and did an image trace in Illustrator.  I like its simplicity – just little brown mushrooms and little pine trees. Here it is mocked up on a notebook:

Notepad mockup

Minty Mushrooms Wallpaper Pattern

Illustrated mushrooms

Its been a few months since I last posted on here. I’ve been rather drained from my day job so my crafting and design projects have been on hold. I’ve still been doodling though – this mushroom pattern is made up of a series of doodles I’ve traced in Illustrator. I like the idea of featuring the little mushrooms appearing out of the foliage.

Mushroom pattern

I’m not happy with the green background in the wallpaper pattern – I think its a bit too warm. Perhaps I will experiment further with it. Although the pattern and design is simple, its been an uphill struggle! I’ve been ill in bed for a week with tonsillitis and this is the first productive thing I’ve done. I couldn’t remember how to make patterns repeat, I think the sickness has eroded my mind!

Mint coloured mushroom pattern

UPDATE: New pattern using the mushroom shapes 🙂 Need to fix the green leaves on this as they bug the eyes.

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