London docklands at sunset

View across the Thames to the Docklands after a long but lovely day

Ever since I found out the BBC hadn’t re-commissioned the Great British Sewing Bee this year, I have been very pissed off. The Bee has been a highlight of the year for me ever since it started. Back during the very first season, it encouraged me to get my sewing machine out again and have a go at sewing. I remember that summer I sewed two skirts, one of which still gets used every now and then!

So, when I heard they would do a Bee event instead, it seemed like some consolation. After some humming and ha-ing about whether I should go because of the cost of travelling to London, and the amount I have going on in my personal life, I got pushed over the edge as Melissa from Fehr Trade kindly gave me tickets to go. So that made me make up my mind, however then I couldn’t go on the day I had the tickets for and needed to get tickets for Saturday… anyway, I made it there in the end.


The Liberty exhibition area was fantastic – and I now have a plan to visit the Fashion and Textile Museum in London (I didn’t know such a thing existed).

Clothes made from Liberty fabrics

The green and purple art nouveaux patterned dress from the 1960s is my favourite!

Bolts of fabric on sale

Just a little snapshot of the fabrics on sale at the Sewing Bee

I particularly loved the fabrics on the Fabworks stand, and I got two ginghams from them that I am quite excited about. Their staff were lovely too, they even gave me a little sewing kit which was sweet. Other special buys included a Mavern Kitty dress pattern, which has the most lovely packaging I’ve seen on a pattern, and some denim chambray to make it with.


Although it was a great day, and it was lovely to go with my friend from work, Leila, I was a wee bit disappointed by the event. It seemed smaller than I had expected, and the stands that were there, were either totally overloaded or quite spartan. I was glad I had bought the tickets when they were half price because I’d have felt a bit sore if I’d paid full price. Other gripes I had included no map of the exhibitors (these had to be bought) and no where to sit except for the very minimal seats around the champagne bar. I sound like a complete old lady, but I don’t care, I like to have a sit down!

Would I go again? Probably? I think if it was bigger I’d be more committed to going. It needs to be worth it to travel so far and spend so much just to get there.