Stack of fabrics

Lots of lovely fabric!

I’ve spent several days staying with my Mum in Devon which has been a real treat. I have been settling my two gorgeous cats in with her. They need to stay with her for a bit because me and my other half have moved into a rented house while we finish selling my flat and look to buy somewhere together. Sadly our landlords have a strict no cats policy. Although it was sad to move them down to Devon, I know they are in the very best place they could be and they already know and love her.

My Mum lives in Tiverton, which is in mid Devon/East Devon, and isn’t far from where I grew up. I love going back to visit her and spending some quality time together. It also means I get to visit my favourite fabric shop too! Heathcoat Fabrics is an absolute hidden gem. I also visited Malbers Fabrics which is in Tiverton town centre and they did not disappoint either! I’m on a real Tilly and the Buttons pattern kick at the moment and so I was hunting for suitable fabrics for her patterns. Here goes with what I bought.

Heathcoat Fabrics Haul:

First off, I had bought some denim from Fabric Land in Bristol, for the Tilly and The Buttons Cleo pinafore dress. Once I’d washed it, I realised I didn’t like it: its far too thick and textured and is just too heavy to be comfortable… so I wanted something much lighter. Heathcoats had several denims I really liked, but I settled for this one:

Closeup of denim fabric

I love this shade of denim

It was £9.99 per meter and I bought two meters. I’ve since cut out the Cleo pattern and found I have enough to make another one which was a happy accident.

Blue striped cotton drill fabric

Bright blue striped cotton drill

This cotton drill was a bargain at £4.99 per meter so I have snaffled it up to make another Cleo. The shade of blue is so bright and summery, I hope it will carry some summer feelings on into Autumn.

Striped jersey fabric

Lots of stretchy stripes

So I’m not really sure what this fabric is: its a stretchy jersey that is quite thin and has a light crumpled texture. It has a drape to it which makes me think I will use it for some sort of dress. I have so many navy and white striped tops (at least 10P), I definitely know I like this sort of thing so at £7.99 a meter I thought ‘why not?!’. I’m going to start looking for a pattern for it once I check if I bought 1.5 or two meters.

Black needlecord with cherry pattern

Sweet little cherry needlecord

I’ve been looking for some needlecord to make an autumn skirt with. I have my heart set on making an A-Line, finishing above the knee with a button placket down the front. I’ve never done buttonholes and want to have a go and make something I know I will wear a lot. This sweet little pattern won me over, I especially like the polka dots that break up the cherry pattern and that it is so soft. I think this was about £8.99 per meter.

Black polyester fabric

And the random buy of the day is: black polyester!

This is a bit of an odd one. I don’t know what sort of fabric this is, its a knit, but not a normal one, and its quite heavy. I’m sure this is something nobody else would want, but when I saw it, I saw the potential to make a skirt I have wanted for years: I want to make a skirt like Daria’s!! I adore Daria. I watch episodes in bed when I’m ill and it always cheers me up.

Finally, I also picked up some sewing accessories from Heathcoat’s:

Sewing accessories and zips

Useful bits and bobs

Malbers Fabrics Haul:

I wasn’t expecting to spend anything in here as I had thought it was a quilting fabric shop, but I was wrong! I talk through this in my review here: Malbers Fabrics.

Fabrics drying outside on a washing line

I might not be good at many things in life, but I am a hero when it comes to pre-washing fabrics!

So, I was more restrained in Malbers after I had already spent quite a lot in Heathcoats. I bought 1.5 meters of lovely, beautifully soft chambray in pale denim which I love. I’ve been looking for some just like this but they all fell short in some way, so this one is great. It cost £8.99 per meter.

I also found some lovely quality striped Ponte Roma which will be perfect for a Tilly and The Buttons CoCo dress. This was just £6.99 per meter.

Sewing tools on denim

Some more practical sewing accessories

I picked up some more basic accessories in Malbers – most importantly the sewing scissors as I have ruined mine cutting paper with them. Very naughty.

One last thing, I picked up this playsuit pattern in a charity shop:

Playsuit sewing pattern

This is quite sweet, no?

So yes, I realise I have spent quite a lot of money from this trip to Tiverton, but I am very happy with what I have picked up, and even more excited about what I can make with it.