1990s pattern

This pattern was a lot of fun to make! It features items I find very nostalgic from the decade I grew up in. Stretching between being a child and becoming a teenager, the pattern features a real mix of iconic items.

What’s included:

Boglins: I wanted one of these so much. My best friend’s older brother had several that lived on a shelf in his room, in their little prison style boxes. They were so much fun to play with – rubbery monster hand puppets with grotesque expressions.

Polly Pocket: Another childhood favourite. Polly Pocket was a tiny doll that lived in little cases that opened up to reveal a house or other diorama scene. There was a boys version too that lived in a monster’s head but I cant remember what these were called…

Gameboy: I remember when my cousin had one and I played Tetris for the first time… I felt like I wanted to play it forever!

Friendship Bracelets: These seemed to keep coming and going throughout the 90s. I remember having a set of neon ones like those in the pattern, but I also had a big thing for making ones out of embroidery floss and selling them.

Trolls: I had quite a collection of trolls and I can’t think why! They were really odd things to collect! Me and my friends used to have the mini troll catalogue booklets and go through them again and again choosing each of the ones we really, really wanted. The ones with the rainbow hair were always the most coveted.

Lipsmakers: I really remember these lip balms being advertised in the younger teen girl magazines when I was about 13ish. It felt like it was important to choose a flavour that represented “you” … like at the same time how it was important to know all about your star sign and complete all the personality quizzes in the magazines to find out who you were.

POGs: I cant remember when these were a thing exactly, but they were quite a thing for a while. Walkers crisps gave away similar disk things called Tazos at some point too. Did anyone actually know how to play with them?!

Cord necklaces: Yin Yangs, Suns and Moons and peace symbols were all over the place in the mid 90s. They always seemed to be on black cord necklaces with silver balls either side of the pendant. Or on a chocker of course.

Dummies: I guess these were a rave scene thing, that seemed to seep into kids and teen culture through sweets. They never appealed to me, but I remember school friends wearing them and feeling grossed out by the idea of wearing a big boiled sweet that gathers fluff and dust.

Hard Candy nail polish: Oh how I wanted a bottle of this! I never had enough pocket money to get one, and even if I did, I don’t know how I could have chosen a colour and ring from their range. They were all so bright and desirable!

Tamogotchi: Everyone at school had one, or a copy version of the virtual pet. I remember wanting one so much it almost hurt. When I got one of the copies, it was great for about a day before I realised it was a waste of time. Oh well.

Nokia mobile phone: Everyone started to get mobile phones when I was about 16. I couldn’t afford one and there would have been no point as there was no mobile reception where I lived, but seeing the others playing Snake made me want one badly! It would be two more years before I finally got to live the dream and play Snake on my own phone!

Mix tapes: I’ve saved the best till last. I LOVED MIX TAPES. I still love mix tapes. Everything about them excites me. I remember making and receiving them from other people. Sometimes they were beautifully executed works of art, with handmade inlays, glitter, stickers and tip ex, and sometimes they were just straight copies of albums with scrawled listings. I loved them all. They let me get music I couldn’t otherwise listen to, and share music I loved.