So Over It Erin skirt in flowery black needlecord
Photo taken in 2018 not 2008 believe it or not! (My other half is not a photographer)

I made the Sew Over It Erin skirt from the My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break ebook in early 2018, wore it once and then promptly forgot about it. Its not the skirt I thought it would be.

Sewing notes

The skirt is easy to sew, the only daunting part being the buttons. I made some questionable choices when I made it, which has meant its not had the wear I thought it would do.

I chose to make it out of some flowery needlecord I picked up on my first trip to the Goldhawk Road in 2015, points for me for using up my stash, but, its a horrible choice for this skirt as I didn’t line it. The fabric is too thin, and a bit like wearing flimsy cardboard. I don’t know why I didn’t line it, its a stupid thing to skip especially as I only wear skirts with tights and this grabs onto all tights like nobody’s business! Not to mention the pattern, which is hard to match clothes to.

I’m not happy with the fit on this – it fits my hips but is big on the waist which makes the waistband stick up. I can’t tuck tops into it because they also grab at the needlecord and make the skirt move up my body awkwardly.

Sew Over It Erin button up skirt with pockets
It has pockets! And an awkward waistband on me!

I might try to re-work this skirt and unpick the waistband to shorten it and maybe add a lining – at least its more likely to get some wear. I love the pockets too, but they gape (this is not just me, they do on most of the Erin skirts on Instagram & Pinterest) and I’m not keen on adding bulk to my hips.

I won’t make this skirt pattern again, but I would love to make something similar in a plain fabric.