I’ve been having a break from surface pattern design, and been spending more time doing hand drawn illustrations which has lead me to think about what I really want to be doing in my evenings and weekends.

Time is valuable!

Since I changed job roles last autumn I have been working longer hours – which is why I ended up stopping doing more computer-based designs in the evenings. It was just too much screen time every day. Around the same time I bought several books by the amazing Lynda Barry and spent some time doing hand drawing again. She’s so inspiring and understands all the ins and outs of why people get blocked with drawing, I totally recommend checking out her books if you are at all interested in learning to make comics too!

Anyway, in doing this drawing I realised how important it is to me, and how I had stopped feeling like myself because I had stopped doing all these creative, crafty things because I had let work take over too much. I was left thinking “Will I ever look back and wish I worked more in my early thirties?” or will I look back and think “I wish I had balanced my time so I did more fun, memorable things”?

So, after some more thinking, more drawing, and re-discovering my love of beads and zines I have decided to re-create my early twenties and open an Etsy shop again! When I was at University I had an Etsy shop back before it was much of a thing in the UK. I used to sell odd little creatures, odd handmade jewellery and craft supplies and I LOVED IT. I gave it up when it started taking up a ridiculous amount of my time and I was at risk of jeopardising my degree.

For me an Etsy shop is a lot of fun as it taps into so many things I enjoy: everything from playing shop through to creating packaging designs as well as being a way to create things and have a way of getting them out of the house so I don’t have a mountain of crafted items in my spare room!

The plan:

My new shop is called Woodland Cabin Studio, and I am planning on selling the following things:

  • Woodland inspired jewellery with personalised options: think animals, mushrooms, trees and slightly witchy things
  • Zines: I have two I’m working on
  • Craft supplies: beads and vintage things

Etsy has to fit around work, and can’t become the all-encompassing monster it did ten years ago when I was on there to begin with. If I don’t sell anything then never mind, I will enjoy having a go. I’ve spent about ¬£60 to get started (seriously I didn’t need to do this considering how many craft supplies I have, but some people spend that on a night out and I’m basically a recluse so I’m saving money… no, I’ve just got a craft problem!).

Stay tuned…

I’ve not listed items in the shop yet, but they are on the way. I can’t wait – I am super excited especially as the jewellery is what I want to wear, and the zines are really fun to work on.